WMS - Warehouse Management System



mc9200-series_thum 4.jpg
  • Paperless Routing, Picking, Truck Loading, Delivery, & Invoicing with dashboard visibility
  • All WHS movements are tracked, time stamped. and recorded in real time
  • Cycle count the entire WHS in less than one day via scan gun interface
  • Check shelf balances and move inventory from the WHS floor via scan gun interface
  • Buy & sell multiple units of measure triggers Replenishment Notices...i.e. “Break a Case”
  • 8 versions of paperless picking to cover a variety of WHS environments and needs
  • Scan UPC or item number barcodes to verify items to pick
  • Update Stock Items UPC code database relationship via scan gun
  • Scanner sound notifications to alert errors or confirm scanned barcode
  • Short pick notifications to identify inventory issues and prevent backorders
  • Picked order loading is in delivery sequencing...last stop first, etc..