PIC CPQ Configure - Price - Quote

Over 30 years of experience with custom products manufacturing has taught us a thing or two about CPQ. The keystone of the PIC ONE ERP platform is our integrated, web-based Configure-Price-Quote module, ConfigEngine. Product Configurations are user configurable and support any level of Product complexity.

PIC CPQ functionality includes support for unlimited:

  • Product Attributes

  • Validation Rules & Conditions

  • Price & Cost Formulas

  • Bill of Material Components

The goal that is then priced according to configured formulas. PIC CPQ can also present the CPQ process real-time in an e-commerce order environment where an end-user can design and build a custom product with the selling price and lead time updating in real time.

PIC CPQ is available as part of the PIC ERP Platform and as a standalone option provisioned via the PIC Rest API


The tool set

With the PIC CPQ tool set, users define each stage of the Finished Product build using an unlimited number of Prompts that will display in a sequence of their choosing. Prompts are created using drop down menus, check-boxes or radio buttons along with Integer fields, area defined text entry fields and raw material stock selection. All fields can be further defined as either Optional or Required and can be Hidden or Shown as necessary using additional rule sets. Once the user has answered all the prompts a Custom Product has been built and a Bill Of Materials can be sent to your production floor or to a 3rd party. This entire process occurs in real-time.


The Formula Parser is another powerful tool that contains all the custom formulas required in order to arrive at the users defined values. A value could be the cost and/or the selling price of the Custom Product and in addition can include other factors such as discounts offered. Discounts can be a simple mathematical formula or a complex one using a user defined Matrix to arrive at your desired result. The Formula Parser can also be used to define any other process within your business cycle such as sales commissions, marketing allowances, incentive rebates and promotional allowances. Any desired business result can usually be reduced to a mathematical formula to automate processes within e-PIC ONE.


Man with tablet on factory floor.jpg


Once a Custom Product has been created & the sales order approved for processing, e-PIC ONE moves the contents of the order into a BOM headed for the production floor. The BOM can also be electronically transmitted via XML, EDI or API to a 3rd party such as a subcontractor. e-PIC ONE has an integrated SFCS and fully supports a paperless shop floor where PCs, tablets, smart phones or handheld scanners are used. Raw materials are pulled from their location and dropped at the appropriate production or shipping area. Scanners are used to move products on the shop floor. The Sales Order in e-PIC ONE displays notes indicating the completed, current and next stage of the order.